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2007. - V. 21. - N 3(71). - P. 77-81

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Binary mixture “dian epoxy – aliphatic active thinner” was studied in a wide concentration range of components by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Also curing of these mixtures in amine hardener presence was inverstigated by DSC. It was shown, that the glass transition temperature of the system does not show an appreciable deviation from Flory-Fox mass additivity. Presence of an active thinner inhibits cure rate and noticeably reduces the glass transition temperature of the final material. At the concentration of an active thinner more than 45 weight % in a mixture with dian epoxy, cure yielded an epoxy-amine polymer in rubbery state.


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Исследование отверждения эпоксиаминных смесей в присутствии активного разбавителя методом ДСК


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