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2016. - V. 30. - N 12(181). - P. 28-30

Elena Nicolaevna Golubina, Nicolay Fedorovich Kizim, Evgenya Vyacheslavovna Sinyugina,

HYDROPHOBIC SURFACE MODIFIED MATERIALS BASED di- (2-ethylhexyl) phosphate lanthanides

The influence of the nature of the solvent, the extracted element, the number of applications on a support surface (glass plate, an aluminum wire) interfacial material formations already formed aqueous solution of a salt of rare earth element / solution of di- (2-ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid in the hydrocarbon, an amount edge wetting angle. It is found that with increasing time of forming the modified surface hydrophobicity increases; contact angle reaches 140 °. Evaluation of conservation of hydrophobicity of the modified surface of the aluminum wire in atmospheric conditions.


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Гидрофобность поверхности, модифицированной материалом на основе ди-(2-этилгексил)фосфата лантаноида


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a rare earth element   contact angle   hydrophobicity   interfacial formation   гидрофобность   краевой угол смачивания   межфазные образования   элемент редкоземельный  

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