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UDK: 35.11(075.8): 66.081.6(075)

2015. - V. 29. - N 8(167). - P. 61-65

D. Terpugov, N. Akinin, A. Garmashov, N. Ilina, G. Terpugov, I. Ilin, R. Ponafidin,


Climate change is the main problem of mankind, especially because of it’s increasing speed and by specialists’ forecast the situation will become worse. Climatic changes are correlated with the degradation of biosphere. It is a question of saving life on our planet. We should begin taking strong measures, else Earth has a chance to repeat the destiny of Mars and Venus, as some scientists are afraid of. So reasoning like “When will it be and will it be at all” is for lazy, careless and selfish people. Now, because of the industrial emission of greenhouse gases, the temperature of the atmosphere is growing, the climate is changing: sudden temperature differences, snowfalls where it used to be impossible, thickness of arctic ice decrease is about 40% (a great ice-hole has been found on the north pole), repetition of droughts has increased in 8 times, power of hurricanes - 2 times, increased power of floods. This is the result of lack of foresight, over-materialism and greediness, unwillingness to see the consequences because of the momentary advantages. How it is possible to trap CO


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Улавливание парниковых газов


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carbon dioxide   greenhouse gases   membrane technology   trapping   мембранная технология   парниковые газы   углекислый газ   улавливание  

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