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2014. - V. 28. - N 6(155). - P. 83-85

Anton Vladimirovich Nikitin, Julia Vladimirovna Kondakova, Alexey Borisovich Sazonov,

Incorporation of spent tributyl phosphate inTO cement matrix using thermally expanded graphite

Cement compounds containing up to 20% (volume) of tributyl phosphate in hydrocarbon are synthesized. Leaching of cesium-137 from them has been studied. It is shown that coating of the compounds with enamel based on chlorinated rubber prevents water penetrating into the cement matrix and delays the start of leaching. Satisfactory leaching rate is observed for the compounds containing not less than 6% (mass) of bentonite.


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Включение отработанного ТБФ в цементную матрицу с использованием терморасширенного графита


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cementation   liquid radioactive wastes   radionuclide leaching, cesium-137   thermally expanded graphite   tributyl phosphate   выщелачивание радионуклидов   жидкие радиоактивные отходы   терморасширенный графит   трибутилфосфат   цезий-137   цементирование  

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