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2014. - V. 28. - N 6(155). - P. 58-60

Stanislav Yurievich Levchishin, Olga Gennadievna Krasnova, Elena Nikolaevna Subcheva, Natalia Michailovna Murashova, Evgeniy Vasilievich. Yurtov,

Changes of roughness of nickel surface under the action of HCl containing sodium bis-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphate microemulsion

Changes of roughness of nickel surface after the etching by HCl-containing water-in-oil microemulsion are investigated. The results were compared with the etching of nickel by water solution of HCl. It is shown the roughness larger than 600 nm are removed by the microemulsion etching; size distribution of the roughness significantly narrows.


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Изменение шероховатости поверхности никеля под действием микроэмульсии ДИ-(2-ЭТИЛГЕКСИЛ)ФОСФАТА НАТРИЯ, СОДЕРЖАЩЕЙ СОЛЯНУЮ КИСЛОТУ


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etching   microemulsion   roughness   sodium bis-(2-ethylhexel)phosphate   ди-(2-этилгексил)фосфат натрия   микроэмульсия   травление   шероховатость  

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