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2014. - V. 28. - N 6(155). - P. 46-48

Elena Nicolaevna Golubina, Nicolay Fedorovich Kizim, Anastasya Konstantinovna Katasonova,

SURFACE ACTIVITY MATERIAL INTERfacial formation based on di-(2 -ethylhexyl) phosphoric acid in the liquid/AIR interface

The activity of the material of interfacial formations on the basis of the salts of di-(2- ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid with d- and f- elements at the liquid / air interface studied. Medium and basic salts of di-(2- ethylhexyl) phosphate metal can accumulate in the interfacial layer to form nanoparticles, coagulation and form the material with a certain structure due to self-assembly and self-organization. Show the influence of the nature of the metal and the solvent on the value of limiting adsorption and area of the molecule in the adsorption layer. It was established that di-(2 - ethylhexyl)phosphates of lanthanides are more surface active than the di - (2- ethylhexyl)phosphate d- elements


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Поверхностная активность материала межфазных образований на основе ди-(2-этилгексил)фосфорной кислоты на границе жидкость/воздух


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extraction   interfacial formation   rare-earth element   self-assembling structures   межфазные образования   редкоземельный элемент   самосборные структуры   экстракция  

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