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2014. - V. 28. - N 5(154). - P. 78-80

Roman Vladimirovich Yakushin, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Brodskyi, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kolesnikov, Elena Sergeevna Babusenko, Andrey Vladimirovich Chistolinov,

ESCHERICHIA COLI inactivation by barrier and spark pulsed high-voltage discharges

Development of new physical, chemical and reagent-free technologies disinfect water is a priority for research modern treatment methods. The influence of the barrier and spark discharges on water contaminated with Escherichia coli was investigated. Results of inactivation of E.coli by the spark discharge were received.


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Эффективность инактивационного воздействия барьерного и искрового импульсных высоковольтных разрядов на Escherichia Coli


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barrier discharge   Escherichia col   spark pulse discharge   water purification   барьерный разряд   искровой разряд   кишечная палочка   обеззараживание   Очистка воды  

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