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2014. - V. 28. - N 5(154). - P. 22-25

Victoria Valerievna Emzhina, Sanam Nasrullah gizi Mirzoeva, Natalya Andreevna Ivantsova,

Oxidative degradation of model wastewater containing pharmaceuticals BY Fenton's reagent

The processes of oxidative degradation of aspirin model aqueous solutions for the combined action of hydrogen peroxide and iron ions (II). It is proved that a significant effect on the extent and rate of the oxidation process are the initial concentrations of pollutants and chemicals. It was determined that the use of Fenton's reagent, in relation to the aspirin at high initial concentration in water may pretreatment pharmaceutical wastewater.


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Окислительная деструкция модельных сточных вод, содержащих фармацевтические препараты, реактивом Фентона


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Fenton's reagent   oxidation   pharmaceutical products   waste water treatment   окисление   ОЧИСТКА СТОЧНЫХ ВОД   реактив Фентона   фармацевтические препараты  

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