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2013. - V. 27. - N 9(149). - P. 124-128

Irina Mikhaylovna Artemkina,

Features of the main educational program of a course "Technogenic Systems and Environmental Risk" by preparation of masters in the «Chemistry» direction

Purposes in realization of FGOS VPO of the third generation are the competences received by the pupil during training, ability to apply knowledge, abilities and personal qualities to successful activity in a certain area. Teaching of master disciplines demands application of new receptions in the training, focused on formation from students of independence of thinking, abilities it is correct to work in various life situations.


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Особенности основной образовательной программы курса «Техногенные системы и экологический риск» при подготовке магистров по направлению «Химия»



competence   technogenic systems and environmental risk   компетенции   основная образовательная программа   техногенные системы и экологический риск main educational program  

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