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2013. - V. 27. - N 9(149). - P. 116-120

Yulia Mikhaylovna Artemkina, Vladimir Vasilievich Shcherbakov,

Organization and carrying out student teaching of graduate students in the specialty 02.00.01 "Inorganic chemistry

In compliance of federal state requirements to structure of the main professional educational program of postgraduate professional education (postgraduate study) and the curriculum of graduate students in the specialty 02.00.01 "Inorganic chemistry" described the purposes and problems of student teaching, a duty of the head and the graduate student, and also his skills and abilities.


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Организация и проведение педагогической практики аспирантов по специальности 02.00.01 «Неорганическая химия»



inorganic chemistry   postgraduate study   аспирантура   неорганическая химия. Student teaching   Педагогическая практика  

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