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2013. - V. 27. - N 2(142). - P. 82-88

Yuriy Viktorovich Fedorov, Olga Anatol’evna Fedorova, Yulia Andreevna Glazova, Elena Vladimirovna Lukovskaya, Alla Aleksandrovna Bobylyova, Aleksandr Vladimirovich Anisimov,

Optical properties of aryl-imidazo-phenantroline derivatives and their complexes

Crown-containing and crown-free phenantroline derivatives were synthesized, the process of complex formation with calcium and zinc perchlorate was investigated using spectrophotometric titration and


First page of the article:

Оптические свойства производных арил-имидазо-фенантролина и их комплексов


  1. New alkynyland vinyllinked benzoand aza-crown ether-bipyridynyl ruthenium (II) complexes which spectrochemically recognize group IA and IIA metal cations / P.D. Beer [a.o.] // J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans. _ 1993. _ P.2629-2638.
  2. Crystal structure and spectroscopy of a hydrogen-bridged one-dimensional Cu (II) complex containing both octahedral and square pyramidal geometries in the same unit cell /C. Karunakaram [a.o.] //J. Chem. Crystallography 2000.V.30. _ P.351-357.
  3. Mayer C.R., Dumas E., Secheresse F. 1,10-phenanthroline and 1,10-phenanthroline-terminated ruthenium (II) complex as efficient capping agents to stabilize gold nanoparticles: Application for reversible aqueous-organic phase transfer processes // J. Coll. Interphase Science. _ 2008. _ V.328. _ P.452-457.
  4. Synthesis and characterization of novel (oligo)thienyl-imidazo-phenanthrolinesas versatile p-conjugated systems for several optical applications / R.M.F. Batista [a.o.] // Tetrahedron. _ 2008. _ V.64. _ P.9230-9238.


complexation   crown-ethers   imidazophenantroline   supramolecular ensembles   имидазофенантролин   комплексообразование   краун-эфиры   супрамолекулярные ансамбли  

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