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2013. - V. 27. - N 1(141). - P. 68-74

Maksim Matveevich Stankevich, Violetta Anatolevna Vasilenko, Eleonora Moiseevna Koltsova, Aleksey Olegovich Tyutin, Vera Aleksandrovna Bogdanovskaja, Mihail Romanovich Tarasevich,

Computer simulation of PEM fuel cell

A mathematical model of PEM fuel cell is developed. It taking into account electrochemical, diffusion and convection processes in hydrogen PEM fuel cell. Electrodes voltage-current curves are obtained. Optimization of the fuel cell hydrogen consumption is carried. The component concentrations depending on the thickness of a membrane electrode assembly, distribution of the gas concentration through the thickness of a membrane electrode assembly are derived thanks to model.


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Компьютерное моделирование топливного элемента с протонобменной мембраной


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Fuel cell   компьютерное моделирование   сomputer simulation   Топливный элемент  

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